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Joe Martinez is a veteran of the United States Army, a former Counterintelligence Special Agent and an Investigator for over ten years. As a member and leader with the U.S. Army’s only Cyber Counterintelligence unit, Joe served as a team leader and conducted numerous joint and national level investigations and operations, deploying to conduct computer forensics and incident response operations all over the world. Post-military service, Joe performed computer forensic and network intrusion investigations for corporate and government clients, as well as training and implementing computer forensic policies and procedures for Fortune 500 and 1000 clients across the globe. Joe currently services as Chief Technology Officer for Innovative Discovery, and continues to provide full-scale services to clients in the realms of digital forensics, compliance, and electronic discovery. Joe graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix, and a Master of Science in Information Security from Western Governor's University. Bro. Joe is currently serving as Junior Warden of Manasseh Lodge No. 182, A.F. & A.M., of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is also a Master Mason in Maryland, Massachusetts, and the UGLE. He is a Past High Priest of Manassas Chapter No. 81, Royal Arch Masons, and a member of Cryptic Council, Commandery, the Allied Masonic Degrees, AASR SJ, Knight Masons, YRSC, and the Operatives. Bro. Joe enjoys focusing on and researching the Initiatic Experience, Rituals of Initiation, and the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations, as well as the relation between modern science and Gnostic teachings.

Prepared Topics:
The Pillars of Initiation - 35-45 minutes
This presentation focuses on the use of Pillars throughout the ancient world, their meaning to various cultures, and their integration into modern Masonic ritual. 

The Old Charges and Anderson's Constitutions - 40-45 minutes
This presentation provides a summary of documents comprising what we call the "Old Charges" and some of the symbolic aspects of Anderson's Constitutions, specifically the timeline of the craft from the Creation of the World to the formation of the Premier Grand Lodge.

Life, Death, and Rebirth: Common Threads in Ancient Initiatory Rites of Passage - 45 minutes
This presentation discusses the use of Systems of Initiation from the time of the Sumerian Civilization through the rise of the Speculative Lodge, to include the use of common practices, their purposes, and the flow of similarities in meaning from ancient time through the modern day.

The Missing Details of Ecclesiastes - 30 minutes 
This presentation summarizes the meaning behind the use of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Master Mason degree, as well as some missing elements which change the meaning of it's usage in Symbolic Masonry. 

Royal Arch Related - Symbolism of the High Priest Garments - 30-40 minutes 
This presentation defines the garb of the High Priest of Israel, the symbolism behind each part of his attire, and it's meaning for Royal Arch Masonry.

Timeline of the Degrees - from EA to RAM - 40-45 minutes
This presentation reviews the chronology used in the ritual and the Bible to piece together the historicity of events relayed in each "York Rite" degree, from the Entered Apprentice to the Royal Arch Mason (or Order of the Temple for KT usage)

Travel information: Joe is willing to travel anywhere in North America with sufficient notice, request that basic travel expenses and lodging be covered.


Joe can be found as a guest on multiple blogs and Masonic Podcasts.

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