Mike Hambrecht


I am currently Junior Deacon and Lodge Education Officer for Triandria Lodge 780 in Rock Creek, Ohio. I have been a Master Mason since April 2016. I have since joined Royal Arch, Council of Royal & Select Masters, Commandery and Scottish Rite, NMJ. During that time I have also be LEO for the Lodges where I am a member and earned the Grand Masters Education Award from the Grand Lodge of Ohio. I am also on The Masonic Roundtable podcast. Currently I am awaiting my Degrees for the Knight Masons of Ireland. In my personal and professional life, I have a Bachelors Degree of Information Technology and work as IT Support Specialist. I am a sometime amateur astronomy.

Prepared Topics:
How Benjamin Franklin Lived Life as Freemason, (soon to include George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette) - 45 Minutes

1717 or 1721? When was the Premiere Grand Lodge of England Founded - 30 Minutes

Travel Information: Mike is available to speak at tiled and untiled events local to the Cleveland, OH to Erie PA Area and as Far south as Akron. For non-local events up to 6 hours’ driving distance (or farther away if flying) away from the Cleveland area, he respectfully requests that lodging and travel costs be reimbursed at a minimum. He is also available to do presentations virtually.



To book Mike, contact him direct at mhambrecht@gmail.com


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