Steven L. Harrison

Steven L. Harrison, 33°, is a Past Master and Fellow of the Missouri Lodge of Research. He received his Masonic Degrees in Liberty Lodge #31, Liberty, Missouri, in 1999, and served as its Master in 2003-4. For a decade he was editor of the Missouri Freemason magazine. In addition, he has contributed to several other Masonic publications including his work as a regular contributor to the respected Midnight Freemasons blog. He appears bi-weekly on the Whence Came You podcast where he hosts the "Masonic Minute" segment. Steve has authored three books on Freemasonry: "Freemasonry Crosses the Mississippi," "Freemasons - Tales From the Craft," and "Freemasons at Oak Island." He has edited three additional Masonic books: "The Masonic Memoranda of Frederic L. Billon" and "Ray Denslow's Masonic Journey" volumes 1 and 2. Steve grew up in Indiana, where he was Master Councilor of his DeMolay Chapter. He has a Masters Degree from Indiana University and is retired after a 35-year career in Information Technology. He and his wife Carolyn have lived in the Kansas City area for over thirty years.

Prepared Topics:
Freemasons at Oak Island - 60 Minutes
A look at the Masonic aspects behind the suspected treasure on mysterious Oak Island. The 

Craftsmen's Journey - 30 Minutes
A unique look at the Third Degree as it might have actually taken place in the lands of the Bible during the time of King Solomon. 

The Denslows – A Masonic Treasure - 30 Minutes
A review of the life, times and Masonic activities of the incredible father-son duo of Ray V. and William R. Denslow, two of the most prolific Masonic authors and their priceless contributions to Freemasonry.

Travel Information: Will travel anywhere if travel expenses are covered.


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