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Philosophy is at the core of what Robert is after. Having grown up in Italy and being exposed to the culture and much of the renaissance art and literature, Freemasonry became a natural place for him to gravitate toward. He is an avid musician and writer. He’s written for several print magazines and blogs on subjects ranging from Firearms and Medical Ethics to Theology and Comparative Religions. Robert's primary studies are in philosophy and mathematics. He also holds an honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy in Religion. Currently Robert works as an executive in the medical industry. He received his degrees from Waukegan Lodge No. 78, becoming Worshipful Master in 2014. He’s since served as both a District Education Officer and a District Deputy Grand Master. He is currently serves on the Grand Lodge of Illinois Education Committee and Secretary of Spes Novum No. 1183 - the premier Education Lodge in Illinois.

Prepared topics:

The Masonic Pub-Crawl - Freemasonry in America and Its Colonial Tavern Beginnings - 40 Minutes
An examination of Freemasonry as it existed in the days that lead up to America's decree of independence. Exclusive rare documents will blow your mind!

They Know Not What They Do - The Esoteric Freemason's Uninformed Obsession with C.W. Leadbeater - 60 Minutes
Freemasons and occultists fondly speak of and revere this apparent titan of the mystical. This presentation exposes him for who he was....

Adeptus Realist - The Life of a Servant: Paul Foster Case - 60 Minutes
Many know that Paul Case was a prolific writer and interpreter of the Tarot. His life of service to man goes largely unknown and uncelebrated. Here, we aim to change that.

Esoterics 101 - The Quantum Series Pt.1 - 45 Minutes
Designed to be a beginning look into the deeper mysteries of Freemasonry. Ideal for a lodge that needs exposure to the concept of "esoteric Masonry". Schools of wisdom, hidden symbolism and hints at an ultimate Revelation are explored.

The Tetragrammaton (Lost Word) - The Quantum Series Pt.2 - 50 Minutes
This lecture explores the entire concept of the Lost Word. What it is, the divine secret, it's history in countless religions and dares to bridge the gap between myth and science. In this lecture we begin to dive into the world of quantum physics where we find a key to the Lost Word and finally another key to the Revelation.

Quantum Entanglement and Apotheosis - The Quantum Series Pt.3 - 45 Minutes
This fun and intriguing exploration defines cultural and religious ideas of life and death, examines the science behind the world we live in and what we perceive as reality. Myths, dogma, mathematical theory and proven science converge, giving the audience proof positive through Aristotelian method, of infinite consciousness, life after death, and even manifesting reality. By the end of this lecture, you'll have no doubt of how to achieve immortality in the truest sense.

Connecting Masons Through Technology - 30 Minutes
This lecture teaches lodges what's needed and what's seen as important in the 21st century in Freemasonry. How to connect, how to be seen, how to be discovered and staying relevant in the digital world. Optional work shops on social media, web site creation etc can be scheduled.

The Rite of Memphis - A History - 35 Minutes
This presentation goes through the "who, what and where" of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis. Decadent, scandalous and finally, irregular! This presentation is wonderful for lodges looking for interesting history within the Fraternity.

Finding Truth - How To Do Masonic Research - 30 Minutes
In this one, I focus on what you need to do to establish yourself as an authority in Masonic writing. Pitfalls to avoid. How to stop critiques before they happen.

Long Been in Darkness - A Look at Traditional Candidate Preparation - 30 Minutes
In this lecture, we explore the elements of the Chamber of Reflection. We talk about why they aren't in use any longer. We look at our Grand Lodge stance on the topic and figure out just what we can do in order to make the candidate experience even better. 

Travel information: Will travel anywhere on the globe. Transportation and lodging will need to be taken care of. 

Website - - "Whence Came You?" Podcast - The Midnight Freemasons - Author Site

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