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Jon T. Ruark is a Past Master of The Patriot Lodge No. 1957 in Fairfax, VA. His love of technology and gadgets led him to start The Masonic Roundtable as an online dialogue platform. He is an Engineer for the federal government by trade and specializes in Lean and Agile development. His Masonic interests lean toward the esoteric and philosophical aspects of the fraternity. He lives in Virginia with his wife and four children.

Prepared topics:
Freemasonry in Pop Culture - 25 Minutes
A video mashup of fraternal satire in modern pop culture animation.

The Philosophical Elements of the Circumpunct - 30 Minutes  
A tyled presentation diving into the historical evidence of the philosophy behind the point within a circle.

Sacred Geometry - 30 Minutes
An artistic application of a Mason's tool in ways that mix art and science to better understand the divine.

The Revelation: A Critical Analysis of Masonic Demographics - 45 Minutes
After years of research into Grand Lodge proceedings, Jon T. Ruark has found the critical data that should be the focus on growing Masonic membership. Learn about the various facets of the craft and how to provide a superior lodge experience.

Travel Information: No limit to travel distance, but all travel costs and lodging must be covered.

Website - - "The Masonic Roundtable" Podcast

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